Exercise Programs

BRASS TAI Chi-Class that focuses on balance, flexibility, muscle strength and breathing. Students learn to meditate and release stress which improves better sleeping habits.

FFXP Zumba Gold– Class that focuses on toning and strengthening muscles, improving cardiovascular and coordination. Exercise is performed while following modified choreographed dance moves.

Strength Training– Classes focuses on improving bone density, muscle tone, flexibility, and balance. This class uses resistance bands, weights, & balls.

Balance Class– Class that helps improve balance and coordination while standing still and walking. The class uses a combination of yoga blocks, sticks, and mats that help to prevent trips and falls.

Stretch and Tone– Class focuses on flexibility and balance while improving muscle tone using resistance bands. Also learn the technique of hand reflexology which improves circulation in the body.

BRASS Chair Exercise– Class for active adults that focuses on increasing strength, flexibility, and overall body conditioning. This class uses weights, balls, and music for increased intensity. All exercises can be performed in a chair or standing up.

Line dancing– Class that helps beginners learn the basic steps of line dancing. All are welcome and no partner is needed.

Arts and Crafts

BRASS Quilting– Actively participate in design process by choosing or modifying a project. Learn about size, shapes, play with different colors, and learn about how placement effects overall and secondary design. Challenge yourself with new techniques or completing a project. Class for all levels.

BRASS Painting– Discuss different artists, sources of inspiration, different techniques and try them out on your own canvas. Display finished artwork in the art gallery or take pieces home for yourselves. Materials provided. Class for all levels. $2.00/class

BRASS Crocheting and Knitting– Come to socialize or relax while working on a personal project. Crocheting and knitting are excellent for relaxation, self-esteem, and keeping up fine motor skills. Class for all levels.

BRASS Ukulele Lessons– If you have never played an instrument or taken music lesson and would like to learn then the ukulele is the right start. Playing the ukulele reduces risks of depression and dementia, relieves stress as you sing along feeling happier, and improves coordination of finger movement and helps exercise muscles in your finger and wrists. Class for all levels.

BRASS Chorus– If you find yourself singing in the car, at the grocery store, in the shower, at work or everywhere, come sing with us! Our fun-loving group is perfect as your creative outlet! All voices welcome.

Technology & Education

Computer Classes– There is a variety of classes available focusing on different topics. There is a tech help class that provides a 30 minute session with an instructor that can help you one to one. Please refer to the Calendar Page that will give you details on the upcoming classes and schedules provided at the center.

Nutrition with Nichole (BRASS City Harvest) – a nutritional seminar to help educate yourself on healthy food choices. Classes include meal planning, grocery shopping, nutrition for chronic diseases, food journaling, and cooking together in a hands on approach.